Future Scholars Christian Academy

Infant/Toddler Classroom

Enter into our infant and toddler class Our "Infant/Toddler Classroom" utilizes the Creative Curriculum and children are geared to learn...

Social and Emotional Development-

Interacting with adults and others

Develop Personal Relationships

Control feelings and behavior

Identify family culture

Learn routines and directions

Language Development and Literacy-

Receptive and Expressive language skills

Oral language/Communication

Sounds and Rhythms

Engage in Stories

Approaches to Learning-

Demonstrate interest and curiosity

Learning and Discovery

Use descriptive words for thinking and doing

Cognition and General Knowledge-

Math Concepts

Use Senses-Discover Environment

Remember and Connect Experiences

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development-

Control large muscles-movement & balance

Control small muscles-manipulation and exploration

Demonstrate health and safety habits