Future Scholars Christian Academy

Please be sure your child has all the necessary supplies and items requested for each class, to ensure success in his/her academics each school year. You may click to open any of the above items with the option to print. We encourage you to print these items so that you may have a hard copy throughout the school year to reference. Each student should be equipped with his/her own supplies. 

Please be advised in the school calendar, there are scheduled field trips every other Friday. Parents may be subjected to pay a fee for some. (If you seek to attend a trip as a chaperone, please speak to the school principal)

Each family is advised to donate and volunteer their time within the school year up to 25 hours, whether it be field trips, fundraisers, parade, assisting during PE, story reading, or school activities, all are encouraged. There is an alternative to not volunteering. Each family that is unable to volunteer or donate their time will be charged a $150 fee. 


Current and Prospective Parents