Future Scholars Christian Academy​​


Elementary End of Year trip to Exploration V

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando, FL.

Student Engagements/ Education Trips

2017-18 Commencement Service

Show Your Spirit during Spirit Week at FSCA!

School trip to Medieval Times 

The emptiness and confusion that emerges behind the question as to what future endeavors, plans or occupation a student has in mind; led FSCA questioning what our youth have been taught in the last few years. With avoidance of this question so often, fashioned our school principal to schedule various educational field trips annually for students to consider what line of work would be of their interest in the near future. FSCA's staff assists in the personal goal setting of each student to stimulate growth and become of service to the community through Christ.

​See below through educational trips how FSCA has enhanced the knowledge and understanding as well as helped its students learn to obtain ambition in order to reach personal goals that will lead to a prosperous and successful life.