Future Scholars Christian Academy

Enter into our preschool class Our "VPK Classroom" uses the Creative Curriculum" to prepare our students in areas such as..


Demonstrate Phonological Awareness

Knowledge of Alphabet

Print Knowledge

Book Comprehension

Emergent Writing Skills


Number Concepts and Operations

Spatial Relationships and Shapes

Compares and Measures

Knowledge of Patterns

Science and Technology-

Inquiry Skills

Characteristics of Living Things

Physical Properties of Objects

Earth's Environment

Usage of Tools and other Technology

Social Studies-

​Knowledge of Self

Understanding People

Familiar People or Places

Simple Geographic Knowledge

The Arts-

Explore Visual Arts

​Explore Musical Concepts and Expression

Explore Dance and Movement

Explore Drama through Actions and Language

English Language Acquisition-

Demonstrate Progress in Listening and Understanding English

Progress in Speaking English

VPK Classroom